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Bag cage mouth
Bag cage mouth

1. The dust-removing cage requires uniform distribution of the support ring and longitudinal ribs, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtration and cleaning, which can prevent collision during normal transportation and installation. And damage and deformation caused by impact.

2, all the solder joints of the dust bag cage should be welded firmly, no desold welding, no soldering and no soldering.

3. The surface of the dust bag cage and the filter bag should be smooth and smooth, and no welding defects, unevenness and burrs are allowed.

4, the tension spring bag cage should have enough number of turns and elasticity, the spacing should be even after the opening.

5, the surface of the filter bag skeleton must be anti-corrosion treatment, according to different needs for electroplating. Spray or paint, such as for high temperature, its anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements of the use temperature.

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