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Polyester needle felt dust bag
Polyester needle felt dust bag

  Polyester normal temperature needle felt is a fine fiber cloth which adopts a non-woven needle punching process and uses fiber staggered and uniform void distribution. After the needle punched surface produced by polyester staple fiber and crepe is hot rolled, singeed or coated, etc. The treatment makes the surface smooth and not easy to be blocked by dust. The filter material has large void ratio, good gas permeability, wide application, strong chemical stability, can not only filter normal temperature gas, but also can filter the corrosion containing acid and alkali. Gas, and can filter water and filter oil. It is an ideal filter material in the fields of normal temperature and liquid-solid separation.

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Polyester normal temperature needle felt parameter table:

ingredient Weaving: Polyester
Base cloth: Polyester
Gram weight [g/m2] (ISO 9073-1): 500
Thickness [mm]: 1.8
Density [g/cm3]: 0.28
Air permeability EN ISO 9237 [mm/s@200Pa] (equivalent to 200L/dm2 min @ 200Pa): 333
Porosity[%]: 80
Breaking strength ISO 9073-3
(sample size 200/50mm)
Portrait [N]: 1700
Horizontal [N]: 1500
Elongation at break
ISO 9073-3
Portrait [%]: 25
Horizontal [%]:: twenty four
Operating temperature Continuous [°C]: 80~120
Instant [°C]: 150
The heat shrinkage rate is 150 ° C [%]: 1
Surface treatment: 》热定型》Single-sided dawn

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