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Blended antistatic needle felt dust bag
Blended antistatic needle felt dust bag

   Generally, when the concentration of industrial dust reaches a certain level (ie, the explosion limit), in the case of static discharge sparks or external ignition, it is easy to cause explosions and fires, such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. Electrostatic discharge has the possibility of reporting the station. In the field of bag dust removal, people need to use cloth bags to collect the dust. The bag itself is required to have anti-static function. In addition to the ordinary needle felt process, the antistatic filter material is required to incorporate conductive fibers into the base fabric warp yarn of the needle felt or to mix conductive fibers in the chemical fiber.

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Overall blended antistatic needle felt parameter table:

Product Name [Product name] Yarn type [Yarm type] Blended type [Mix with yarm type]
Material [Material]

Polyester staple fiber, polyester with crepe, conductive yarn

[Dacronshortfiber, Dacorncontaincotton,conduct,electriityyarm]

Gram weight g/m2 [Gram heavy] 500 500
Thickness mm [Thickness] 2.0 2.0
Working temperature (instant) °C [Work temperature (in a twinkling)] 150 150
Working temperature (long-term) °C [Work temperature (long--term)] 80~130 80~130
Break strength (through direction) 1100 1100
Break strength (latitude direction) [Break strength (latitude direction)] 1400 1400
Acid resistance [Bear the acidity] Excellent [Excellence] Excellent [Excellence]
Alkali resistance [Bear the alkaline] Good [Good] Good [Good]
Breathability m3/m2.min [Well ventilated] 10~16 10~16
Resistance YX10 Surface [surface] 4.8 4.8
Volume [Physical volume] 8.7 8.7
Friction potential V Maximum [Biggest worth] 250 250
Average [Average worth] 183 183
Face density mc/m2 [Electricity density] 3.4 3.4
Post processing method [Behind handle the way]

Singeing, calendering, laminating, waterproofing

[Burn the hair, top light, cover, watertightness]

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