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Water and oil proof needle felt dust bag
Water and oil proof needle felt dust bag

During the operation of the bag filter, the dust in the gas contains more water and oil, as well as hygroscopic and deliquescent dust, and a water film may be formed on the surface of the dust to increase the adhesion, which helps to collect dust. However, it will cause difficulty in cleaning, especially when the high-temperature gas is in a high-humidity state, condensation occurs due to the cooling effect of the external air, which not only causes the trapped dust to foul on the surface of the filter material, but also blocks. It can increase the running resistance of the dust removal equipment and directly affect the normal operation of the dust removal equipment. The oil-repellent waterproof needle felt can effectively prevent the water and various oil stains from adhering and penetrating. Compared with the ordinary filter material, it not only has the characteristics of waterproof and oil proof, but also has anti-adhesiveness and easy peeling property to the dust.

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Water and oil proof needle felt parameter table:

ingredient Weaving: Polyester
Base cloth: Polyester
Gram weight [g/m2] (ISO 9073-1): 500
Thickness [mm]: 1.6
Density [g/cm3]: 0.31
Air permeability EN ISO 9237 [mm/s@200Pa] (equivalent to 150L/dm2 min @ 200Pa): 250
Porosity[%]: 77

Breaking strength ISO 9073-3

(sample size 200/50mm)

Portrait [N]: 1700
Horizontal [N]: 1500

Elongation at break

ISO 9073-3

Portrait [%]: 25
Horizontal [%]:: twenty four
Operating temperature Continuous [°C]: 80~120
Instant [°C]: 150
The heat shrinkage rate is 150 ° C [%]: 1
Surface treatment:

》热定型》Single-sided dawn

》Anti-oil, waterproof, easy to clean ash treatment

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