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P84 acid and alkali needle felt dust bag
P84 acid and alkali needle felt dust bag

    P84 acid and alkali resistant needle felt is INSPECFIBERS (polyimide fiber) produced by our company LENZING Company of Austria. It is a high-efficiency filter material with high temperature resistance and acid and alkali resistance developed by other non-woven fabric production process. At present, there are only a few manufacturers in China that independently develop, design and produce the filter material. P84 filter material has high temperature resistance (can be used for a long time below 260 °C) and good chemical resistance. It has a very significant filtering effect on dusty gas with acid and alkali, making it prominent in the waste incineration industry. Higher dust removal efficiency.

P84 acid and alkali needle felt parameter table:

Product Name [Product name] P84 acid-resistant needle felt [P84 acid-proof alkali pinprick]
Material [Material] Polyimide fiber
Gram weight g/m2 [Gram heavy] 500
Thickness mm [Thickness] 1.8
Working temperature (instant) °C [Work temperature (in a twinkling)] 280
Working temperature (long-term) °C [Work temperature (long--term)] 80~260
Break strength (through direction) 1800
Break strength (latitude direction) [Break strength (latitude direction)] 1700
Acid resistance [Bear the acidity] Excellent [Excellence]
Alkali resistance [Bear the alkaline] Excellent [Excellence]
Breathability m3/m2.min [Well ventilated] 14~20
Post processing method [Behind handle the way]

Singeing, calendering, laminating, waterproofing

[Burn the hair, top light, cover, watertightness]

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