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Glass fiber needle felt dust bag
Glass fiber needle felt dust bag

Glass fiber needle felt is a new type of high temperature and high efficiency filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. It not only has the advantages of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, dimensional stability and high strength of glass fiber woven filter material, but also 100% alkali free. Glass fiber is used as raw material, which is made of high-country glass fiber yarn and needle-punched into a pile. It has good heat resistance, flame retardant and anti-corrosion effect. It has three-dimensional micro-porous structure, high fiber void ratio and gas filtration resistance. Small, the dust removal efficiency exceeds the woven filter material, and the filtration speed is more than double that of the woven filter material. The industrial filter bag is the first choice for the blast furnace gas and flue gas filtration.

Glass fiber needle felt parameter table:

Product Name [Product name] Glass fiber needle felt [Glass fiber pinprick felt]
Material [Material]

Alkali-free glass fiber chopped strand, alkali-free glass fiber thick wire

[Have no the alkali glass fiber short slice silk

Have no the alkali glass fiber the yarm conduct,electriityyarm】

Gram weight g/m2 [Gram heavy] 900~1000
Thickness mm [Thickness] 2.2
Working temperature (instant) °C [Work temperature (in a twinkling)] 260
Working temperature (long-term) °C [Work temperature (long--term)] 80~220
Break strength (through direction) 1900
Break strength (latitude direction) [Break strength (latitude direction)] 1800
Acid resistance [Bear the acidity] Good [Good]
Alkali resistance [Bear the alkaline] Excellent [Excellence]
Breathability m3/m2.min [Well ventilated] 14~16
Post processing method [Behind handle the way]

PTFE impregnation, drying, laminating, waterproofing

[PTFE immerses dry, cover, watertightness]

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