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Flumesi needle felt dust bag
Flumesi needle felt dust bag

Flumes composite needle felt is made of glass fiber super short fiber and P84.kermel as the main raw material. It has high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and folding resistance. It is aromatic because P84 Polyamide fiber has high wear resistance and high temperature resistance, so it can be used in a wide range of applications. Flumes composite felt can be processed and processed by different chemical materials to achieve better physical and chemical properties. Industrial bag This product is mainly used for the recovery and discharge of industrial waste gas such as steel plants, cement plants, gas, calcium carbide and so on.

Flumes composite needle felt parameter table:

Product Name [Product name] Flumeisi compound felt [FUMEISI compound needle felt]
Material [Material]

Glass fiber super fiber, aramid yarn, P84.kermel

[Super glass fiber,aramid yarn with twist,P84.kermel]

Gram weight g/m2 [Gram heavy] 800~900
Thickness mm [Thickness] 2.4
Working temperature (instant) °C [Work temperature (in a twinkling)] 260
Working temperature (long-term) °C [Work temperature (long--term)] 80~220
Break strength (through direction) 1800
Break strength (latitude direction) [Break strength (latitude direction)] 1600
Acid resistance [Bear the acidity] Excellent [Excellence]
Alkali resistance [Bear the alkaline] Excellent [Excellence]
Breathability m3/m2.min [Well ventilated] 10~16
Post processing method [Behind handle the way]

PTFE impregnation, drying, laminating, waterproofing

[PTFE immerses dry, cover, watertightness]

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