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PTFE needle felt dust bag
PTFE needle felt dust bag

The main advantages of 100% pure PTFE needle felt: PTFE fiber, PTFE base cloth, PTFE needle felt are all produced by our company, and the product quality is stable and controllable.
PTFE needle felt is a fiber with extremely stable chemical properties. Its characteristics are as follows:
1. Continuous working temperature is 260 degrees, and the instantaneous temperature is 280 degrees;
2. Not afraid of acid and alkali and oxidation, almost non-flammable;
3. The only fiber that does not age;
4. Meet the worst conditions and have an extremely long service life.
100% pure PTFE needle felt is mainly used in special complicated conditions such as chemical industry and waste incineration, and can maintain good chemical stability under various complicated working conditions.
PTFE needle felt parameter table:

Physical Properties

100% PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene

100% PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene

Weight/Tolerance: (g/m2) 780±10%

Thickness/Tolerance: (mm) 1.2±0.2

Chemical Finish: Heat setting, PTFE microporous membrane

Air Permeability/Tolerance: (l/dm2/min@200pa) 20-40

Breaking Strength (Typical Load @ Peak) (N/5cm)
Warp direction (MD): 700
Zonal (XD): 700
Elongation at break (Typical Strain @ Peak)

Warp direction (MD): 10%
Zonal (XD): 25%
Elongation @50N (Typical Strain @ 50N)

Warp direction (MD): 1.5%
Zonal (XD): 3%

Chemical Properties

Acid Resistance: excellent

Alkalis Resistance: excellent

Hydrolysis Resistance: excellent

Oxidize Resistance: excellent

Abrasion Resistance: excellent

Temperature characteristics (Temperature)

Continuous Operation Temperature: (°C) 250 (Dry)

Maximum Surge Temperature: (°C) 260 (Dry)

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