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Alkali-free glass fiber filter
Alkali-free glass fiber filter

The alkali-free glass fiber filter material is a filter material with excellent alkali resistance woven by the non-alkali glass fiber formed by the chemical treatment of the glass fiber yarn before weaving, and the alkali-containing gas is contained in the equipment room. When the medium-alkali glass fiber filter material does not have alkali resistance, it is easily corroded by the gas. At this time, the alkali-free glass fiber cloth woven by the alkali-free glass fiber yarn having the alkali resistance can be used. It is completely suitable for the filtration of soda-containing flue gas, and there is no corrosion of the filter material.

Alkali-free glass fiber filter needle felt parameter table:

Product Name [Product name] Graphite processing [Graphite handle] Silicone oil treatment [Oil handle]
Material [Material]

Alkali-free expanded glass fiber with crepe

[Have no the alkali the glass fiber to spin cotton]

Gram weight g/m2 [Gram heavy] 452~872 452~872
Thickness mm [Thickness] 0.4~0.8 0.4~0.8
Working temperature (instant) °C [Work temperature (in a twinkling)] 280 280
Working temperature (long-term) °C [Work temperature (long--term)] 80~260 ≤260
Break strength (through direction) 1300 1300
Break strength (latitude direction) [Break strength (latitude direction)] 1500 1500
Acid resistance [Bear the acidity] Good [Good] Good [Good]
Alkali resistance [Bear the alkaline] Excellent [Excellence] Excellent [Excellence]
Breathability m3/m2.min [Well ventilated] 12~18 12~18
Post processing method [Behind handle the way] Graphite processing, film processing [Graphite handle, cover handle]
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