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Nomex needle felt dust bag
Nomex needle felt dust bag

The Nomex filter bag is made of fibers produced by DuPont and Teijin of the United States, and is compounded by a certain amount of acupuncture. Compared with ordinary filter materials, this product also has the following characteristics:
1. Excellent high temperature resistance: continuous operation at 190 °C, instantaneous working temperature up to 220 °C;
2, high dimensional stability: only 1% expansion rate at 220 ° C high temperature, with excellent high temperature stability;
3, fire retardant performance: at 400 ° C began to decompose carbonization, the limit of oxygen index (LOI) is 30, not spontaneous combustion does not support combustion;
4, good chemical corrosion resistance: acid and alkali resistance is not easy to corrode.
Nomex parameter table:

ingredient Weaving: Partially aromatic polyamide
Base cloth: Partially aromatic polyamide
Gram weight [g/m2] (ISO 9073-1: 500
Thickness [mm]: twenty two
Density [g/cm3]: 0.23
Air permeability EN ISO 9237 [mm/s@200Pa] (equivalent to 180L/dm2 min @ 200Pa): 333
Porosity[%]: 84

Breaking strength ISO 9073-3

(sample size 200/50mm)

Portrait [N]: 650
Horizontal [N]: 1200

Elongation at break

ISO 9073-3

Portrait [%]: 20
Horizontal [%]:: 35
Operating temperature Continuous [°C]: 190
Instant [°C]: 220
The heat shrinkage rate is 190 ° C [%]: 1
Surface treatment: 》热定型》Single-sided dawn
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