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Medium temperature metic needle felt dust bag
Medium temperature metic needle felt dust bag

The continuous working temperature of the general polyester needle felt can only reach 130 ° C. If the working temperature exceeds 130 ° C for a long time, the strength will be lost a lot, and the shrinkage will be caused, and the size of the filter bag will change, thus affecting Filter the effect. The special needle felt produced by our factory is made of glass fiber woven fabric as base fabric and high-quality polyester (polyester) as the surface layer, which has high breaking strength, small elongation at break, and heat. The shrinkage rate is small, the temperature is moderate and moderate, and the working temperature requirement is 150 ° C ~ 170 ° C. The normal temperature filter material can not be satisfied and the high temperature filter material is too wasteful, which can greatly reduce the running cost.

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Physical properties and indicators of the special S medium temperature composite needle felt:

specification normal type Enhanced
thickness 1.8 2.0
Air permeability (m3/m2/min) 10~16 10~16
Breaking strength (N/5*25cm) 1200 1400
Breaking strength (N/5*25cm) 1100 1200
Working temperature (°C) 80~160 80~170
Gram 700±50 (g/m2) 700±50 (g/m2)
Filtering wind speed ≤1.0 ≤1.0
Post processing Singeing, water, oil, film, etc.

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