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The correct selection method and characteristics of industrial dust bag

Select the dust bag according to the cleaning method of the dust collector equipment.

1. Pulse bag type dust collector. An outer filter dust bag round bag with a frame is usually used. It is required to use a filter material with thick, wear-resistant and strong tensile strength as a dust filter bag.

2. Mechanical vibration bag type dust collector. It is required to select a filter bag which is thin and smooth, and has a soft texture, which is favorable for transmitting vibration waves.

3. Backflush bag type dust collector. You should choose a dust-proof bag filter bag with soft texture, stable structure and good wear resistance.

Dust-removing cage bag according to the nature of dust

1. The flammability and chargeability of dust. Some dusts are flammable. At this time, the dust-removing cloth bag with flame retardant properties should be selected. Anti-static dust bag is designed for use with charged dust.

2. The wettability and adhesion of dust. If the dust is hygroscopic and has strong adhesion, choose a dust-proof cloth bag for waterproofing membrane filter.

Dust-removing cage bag according to the nature of dust-containing gas

1. The chemical nature of the gas. In various furnace kiln flue gas and chemical waste gas, chemical components such as acid, alkali, oxidant and organic solvent are often contained. When selecting the dust bag filter bag, the acid-resistant, alkali-resistant dust bag should be selected according to the chemical composition contained in the flue gas.

2. Gas temperature. The gas temperature is lower than 130 ° C to select a normal temperature dust bag, and the temperature is between 130 ° C and 260 ° C to select a high temperature dust bag.

3. Gas humidity. The dust-containing gas is divided into three states according to relative humidity: dry gas (relative humidity below 30%), general state (relative humidity between 30% and 80%), and high humidity gas (relative humidity of 80% or more). When the gas humidity is high, you should choose a tarpaulin bag.

The amount of dust in the dust collector bag. The dust holding capacity is also called the dust load, which refers to the amount of dust accumulated on the filter material per unit area when a given resistance value is reached. The dust holding capacity of the dust bag affects the resistance and cleaning cycle of the filter material. In order to avoid frequent cleaning and prolong the life of the filter bag, it is generally required that the filter material has a larger dust holding capacity. Dust collector bag air permeability and resistance. The gas permeability refers to the amount of gas passing through the filter material per unit area under the differential pressure. The resistance of the filter material is directly related to the air permeability. The life of the filter material refers to the time of damage under the normal use conditions of the filter material. The length of the filter material depends on the quality of the filter body and the conditions of use.

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