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Stainless steel skeleton production standards and influencing factors

The stainless steel dust collector frame is a stainless steel product. The stainless steel skeleton is welded and formed by special equipment. It is characterized by firm welding, smooth and straight appearance, good verticality and convenient use.

Production standards:

1. Cage dust removal skeleton requires uniform distribution of support ring and longitudinal reinforcement, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtration and cleaning, which can prevent the occurrence during normal transportation and installation. Damage and deformation caused by collision and impact.

2. All the solder joints of the filter bag skeleton should be welded firmly, no desoldering, no soldering and no soldering are allowed.

3. The surface of the filter bag skeleton and the filter bag should be smooth and smooth, and no soldering, unevenness and burrs are allowed.

4. The spring-loaded skeleton should have sufficient number of turns and elasticity, and the spacing should be even after the opening.

5. The surface of the filter bag skeleton must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and electroplated according to different needs. Spraying or painting, if used for high temperature, its anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements of use temperature.

6 The verticality of the dust bag cage is 6M plus or minus 1mm.

7. The dust bag cage has two parts, one or two sections.

8. The dust bag cage is more than 3 meters in length and is made of steel one-time forming pipe.

Influencing factors:

(1) Influence of the size of the dust-removing skeleton: In the geometrical dimensions of the dust-removing skeleton, the diameter of the dust-removing skeleton, the gas inlet, and the shape and size of the exhaust pipe are important factors.

(2) The influence of gas parameters on the performance of the dust skeleton: including the influence of gas flow rate, the influence of gas dust concentration, the influence of gas moisture content, the influence of gas density, viscosity, pressure and temperature.

(3) The influence of the physical properties of dust on the dust skeleton

(4) Influence of the roughness of the inner wall of the dust-removing skeleton: The dust particles concentrated near the wall surface will cause swirling due to the rough surface, so that some dust particles are thrown into the rising airflow and enter the exhaust pipe, which reduces the dust removal efficiency.

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