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Dust bag cages are used correctly according to specifications

The start of the dust bag cage plays an important role in the machine during normal operation and must be carefully observed and carefully performed. Auxiliary equipment pipes and dust hoods are important auxiliary equipment, and it is easy to judge by abnormal vibration, poor suction effect, and poor control at the initial stage of operation. The dust collector bag cage has good advantages and uses in use, but it must be used according to certain methods and methods during use, and it can be used according to certain precautions and methods to ensure that it can fully play its role in use.

1. Pay attention to whether the exhaust fan is reversed during operation. Although most of the current fans have automatic start-up devices to reduce accidents, but there is no automatic start, because the start-up failure causes the power supply to burn out, the motor runs in a single phase, and the burn-in accident occurs at the beginning of the operation. .

2. According to certain specifications and performance, it can be well controlled and used. The actual use of the dust collector bag cage may be affected by different factors. Extend the life in use. In addition, abrupt changes in gas temperature have an adverse effect on the fan and should be prevented.

3. Support the dust removal equipment bags and use them together. Dust-removing frame is the main accessory of bag-type dust collector. It is commonly called the rib of the outer filter dust-removing equipment bag. Its quality directly affects the filtering form and service life of the dust-removing bag and the dust removal result of the bag filter.

4. Dust bag cage (skeleton) should have sufficient strength, rigidity, verticality and dimensional accuracy to prevent deformation under pressure, damage during transportation, contact with the filter bag after being loaded into the dust collector, and difficulty in bagging, bag The occurrence of frame friction and the like;

5. Dust collector bag cage (skeleton) surface Anti-corrosion treatment, sprayable, lacquered or electroplated, high temperature anti-corrosion treatment agent should meet the high temperature;

6 Solder joints are firm, no desoldering, no soldering and no soldering are allowed; the surface of the dust bag cage (skeleton) in contact with the filter bag should be smooth, and no unevenness and burrs of the soldering iron are allowed.

7. When the dust bag cage is cold-grinded in the autumn and winter seasons, try to avoid excessive moisture in the temperature rise period; pay attention to control the feeding speed, and the loop flow mill can increase the amount of powder to increase the air temperature inside the mill. Before stopping the grinding, it is possible to extend the stopping time as much as possible, and to stop the mixing of the high moisture content as early as possible, and to extend the exhausting time in the grinding after stopping the grinding, and at the same time, the grinding body is displaced.

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