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The correct selection method and connector selection of silicone skeleton

The silicone dust-removing skeleton joint is a new high-efficiency skeleton joint that is improved on the basis of the dust collector, and separates the dust from the flue gas. Overcome the lack of room cleaning strength, the inequality of the inflow and outflow, and expand the scale of application. The dust collection efficiency and adaptability have been improved, and the service life of the filter bag has been prolonged, which has been well received and sought after by users.

But how to choose the right silicone dust skeleton and joints to meet the requirements? Jiangsu Jinke Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. brings you a correct understanding:

Silicone dust removal skeleton joint selection:

There are wire or stainless steel wire that meets strength and rigidity. Galvanized, sprayed, coated silicone and other treatment methods. The skeleton treated with silicone skills can completely replace the stainless steel skeleton. Silicone dust-removing skeleton joint series products can be widely used in dust collection system of dust, dust and soot in asphalt mixing plant crushing, grinding machine, dryer, furnace kiln, etc.

The silicone dust removal skeleton has strong adaptability and is not easily affected by high temperature, high humidity, high concentration dust, hygroscopic dust, abrasive dust, flammable and explosive dust like dust bag. Moreover, the dust is easy to be cleaned, the dust removal efficiency is improved, and the maintenance is convenient.

Selection factors:

a silicone skeleton according to industrial and mining considerations resistance loss and structural form, to minimize power consumption, and pay attention to the convenience of future maintenance.

b The dust particles trapped by the silicone dust removal skeleton should be equal to or slightly smaller than the dust particle size of the gas to be treated.

c Silicone dust removal skeleton should pay attention to airtightness. Especially in the case of negative pressure operation, the reliability of the unloading air lock device should be paid more attention.

d Silicone dust removal skeleton is usually added with safety explosion-proof valves on the inlet pipe to prevent explosion of inflammable and explosive dust.

e Silicone dust removal skeleton When the dust viscosity is small, the diameter of the cyclone cylinder is larger, which allows the dust concentration to be higher.

f The amount of purified gas in the silicone dust removal skeleton should be consistent with the amount of dust gas actually treated. The diameter of the dust bag cage should be as small as possible.

The above is the correct selection method of the silicone skeleton and the knowledge of the connector selection.

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