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Stainless steel bag cage quality requirements

Do you know the quality requirements for stainless steel bag cages ? Jiangsu Jinke Environment takes you to find out:

First, the diameter tolerance: round ≤ -3%, for example: design diameter: 125, the actual can be: 125-121mm.
Second, the perimeter tolerance of the bag cage: trapezoidal or flat ≤ -1.5%, for example: the design perimeter is 800mm, the actual must be between <>
Third, the length tolerance ≤ -1%, for example: the design length is 2430mm, the actual can be between 2410-2430.
Note: You can't make a positive difference, so you can't install it and cause it to be scrapped.
Fourth, the appearance of the bag cage: the anti-corrosion layer is intact without peeling off.
V. Welding requirements: The welding is firm and free of burrs, bumps, desoldering, missing soldering, and the solder joint rate is less than 1%, and the open solder joints are not adjacent.
These standards and requirements must be strictly enforced, because this is directly related to the quality of the use of the bag cage and its effect, so we must not be sloppy, so I hope everyone can understand and implement it carefully.

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