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Dust collector skeleton operation precautions you should know

The start of the dust collector skeleton plays an important role in the normal operation of the machine. The auxiliary equipment pipeline and the dust suction hood are important auxiliary equipments, and the initial operation is easily judged by abnormal vibration, poor suction effect, and poor control. The dust collector skeleton has good advantages and uses in use, but it should be used in the way and method to be used in accordance with the precautions and methods to ensure that it can fully play its role in use.

When the dust collector frame device is running, pay attention to whether the exhaust fan is reversed. Although most of the current fans have automatic start-up devices to reduce accidents, but there is no automatic start, because the start-up failure causes the power supply to burn out, the motor runs in a single phase, and the burn-in accident occurs at the beginning of the operation. . The dust collector frame is the main component in the bag filter. It has a good use characteristic and a tendency in the dust removal work. It can have a good dust removal effect, and the dust is discharged: the dust collected in the ash bucket can be automatically discharged or manually discharged. However, it must be discharged in the order specified. In the initial stage of operation, it is not necessary to discharge ash for 1 day to several days. These dusts are on the dust filter bag until the dust capacity of the dust collector is reached, and then discharged in order.

It needs to be well controlled and used according to the specifications and performance. The actual use of the dust collector frame in dust removal accessories may be affected by different factors. Extend the life in use. In addition, abrupt changes in gas temperature have an adverse effect on the fan and should be prevented. Changes in temperature may cause changes in the fan shaft, resulting in an unbalanced state of operation, causing vibration. Moreover, when the operation is stopped, if the temperature drops sharply, there is a risk of vibration when it is started again. If the cycle of dust discharge is not correct, it will not form a disordered track system.

The purpose of the dust collector skeleton is to support the dust removal equipment bag and use it together. Dust-removing frame is the main accessory of bag-type dust collector. It is commonly called the rib of the outer filter dust-removing equipment bag. Its quality directly affects the filtering form and service life of the dust-removing bag and the dust removal result of the bag filter.

Influencing factors:

(1) Influence of the size of the dust-removing skeleton : In the geometry of the dust collector skeleton, the diameter of the dust collector skeleton, the gas inlet, and the shape and size of the exhaust pipe are important factors.

(2) The influence of gas parameters on the skeleton performance of the precipitator: including the influence of gas flow rate, the influence of gas dust concentration, the influence of gas moisture content, the influence of gas density, viscosity, pressure and temperature.

(3) The influence of the physical properties of dust on the skeleton of the precipitator

(4) Influence of the roughness of the inner wall of the dust collector frame: Dust particles concentrated near the wall surface will cause swirling due to the rough surface, so that some dust particles are thrown into the rising airflow and enter the exhaust pipe, reducing the dust removal efficiency.

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