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Common forms and technical requirements for dust removal skeleton

Dust removal skeleton is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, power generation, chemical industry, food, garbage incinerator and other industries. Dust removal skeleton is one of the indispensable main accessories of bag filter, Jiangsu Jinke takes you to the common form and technology to remove the dust skeleton. Claim:

The dust removal skeleton is the rib of the filter bag, and the quality of the dust removal skeleton directly affects the working state and service life of the filter bag. Commonly used are round skeleton, trapezoidal skeleton and spring skeleton; and other frame supporting: venturi, hanging cap, hanging device, etc. The dust-removing skeleton is patented and manufactured by one-shot automatic welding equipment. The product has superior performance, no desoldering, burr, strong and reliable design structure, convenient installation and longer service life. The skeleton is the rib of the dust bag and is an important accessory for the dust collector.

skills requirement:

1. The dust removal skeleton requires uniform distribution of the support ring and longitudinal reinforcement, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity;

2. All the welding of the dust-removing skeleton must be of high standard and high precision. The welding points should be welded firmly, and no welding, no welding or no welding is allowed.

3. The surface of the dust-removing skeleton and the dust-removing surface must be smooth and smooth, and no welding defects, unevenness and burrs are allowed;

4. The tension spring type skeleton should have sufficient number of turns and elasticity, and the spacing should be uniform after pulling open;

5. The surface treatment of the dust removal skeleton according to different needs must meet the technical requirements to meet the requirements of temperature and corrosion resistance.

6. The size of the dust removal skeleton must be accurate, and the verticality is 6M plus or minus 1mm.

7. The design of the dust removal skeleton must be reasonable and practical. According to the current requirements, there are two sections or three sections in total.

8. The length of the dust-removing skeleton is more than 3 meters, and the steel is once formed into a literary tube.

9. Dust skeleton production is fully automated to prevent damage to the product during production.

10. The dust removal skeleton is tracked from raw material processing to on-site installation to ensure the quality of each link is qualified.

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