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Dust bag cage importance and standard of production

At present, the dust bag cage is produced and used according to certain methods and principles in the dust removal work. In actual use, the actual production is carried out according to certain production standards and methods, when the dusty airflow is tangentially entered into the upper space of the filter. The large particles and the condensed dust particles are scattered on the ash bucket along the wall of the cylinder under the action of centrifugal force, and the small particle dust is retained by the filter bag. The purified gas permeating filter bag is collected in the clean room through the filter bag guide through the flower plate and discharged into the atmosphere. When the filter bag resistance drops to the lower limit, the reverse blower stops and enters the dust removal state. The removed dust is concentrated in the ash bucket and is discharged by the ash discharge valve. When the filter bag resistance reaches the upper limit of the control value, the reverse blower starts. The airflow is blown into the filter bag guide by the arm opening to block the filtered air flow and change the pressure condition in the bag. Causes the filter bag to vibrate and shake off the dust. The dust-removing skeleton is the rib of the filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the skeleton directly affects the filtration state and service life of the filter bag. The company uses imported equipment to produce products with superior performance and complete specifications. Each skeleton manufactured can meet the requirements of light weight, smoothness and straightness; the design structure is hard and the service life is long.
Specifications: round, oval, flat and other raw materials: high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire and so on. Structure: It has reasonable structure such as multi-section, venturi, protection short tube, lower discharge type, plug-in type and chuck type. Surface treatment: galvanized, sprayed, anti-corrosive, surface silicone spray. The surface silicone coating is especially suitable for dust collector applications in large generator sets. Product application: widely used in metallurgy, building materials, power generation, chemical, food, waste incinerators and other industries.
Making standards:
1. The dust collector bag cage requires uniform distribution of the support ring and longitudinal reinforcement, and should have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the state of filtration and cleaning, which can prevent the occurrence during normal transportation and installation. Damage and deformation caused by impact and impact.
2. The tension spring type skeleton should have sufficient number of turns and elasticity, and the spacing should be even after the opening.
3. All the solder joints of the filter bag skeleton should be welded firmly, and no desoldering, no soldering or no soldering is allowed.
4. The surface of the filter bag skeleton and the filter bag should be smooth and smooth, and no soldering, unevenness and burrs are allowed.
5. The surface of the filter bag skeleton must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, electroplating, spray coating or painting according to different needs. For high temperature, its anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements of use temperature.

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